Pictures of me

This picture was shot by my wife Dorota in summer 2001.

It was taken with the EF 100mm 1/2.0 USM on the EOS IX close to sunset.

In early summer 2001, Dorota wanted to see me without beard and I was not able to make her change her mind. So I razed my beard during the first days of June, and the result was so amazing for her that she did not allow me to wear a beard again.

(No, that person down there is NOT my father....)


This is a older picture of me. It was taken in October 2000 by Karina, when I carryed my camera to Kefenrod for a visit.

Since summer 2000 I again weared a beard (Karina really intended to view me with a beard), it had the advantage, that I did not need to shape so often.

This is a picture of me without beard. It was taken in february 1998 by Holger Schneider, when I had my first visit in Mannheim for at least five years. 

Since November 1997 I wear contact lenses and I am quite satisfied with them.

That's the same guy, but with beard and glasses. The beard I shaved in spring 1997. Comment of my collegues: "Are you copiing Scharping??" (Scharping was in 1994 cancelor candidate of the SPD, wearing a beard. In 1995, after having lost the election for the Bundestag in 1994, he shaved his beard)

The difference was quite good to observe, and people say, that I got 20 years younger by having shaved my beard.

But a beard has some advantages: You do not need to shave all day, an it is a good isolation for the neck in winter.

The picture was taken in january 1996 by my ex-girl friend Sabine in the forest between Unterreichenbach and Rabenstein.

Mhm, and so I looked in spring 1997 after having shaped my beard, with my stone old panorama glasses and naked face.