I have several e-mail adresses. 

At T-Online it is 

Axelfarr (a t) t-online.de

A second at gmx:

Axelfarr (a t) gmx.de


Another quite short adresse is the one at my company:

axel.farr (at) eu.panasonic.com

Attention: Due to massive Spam-Mailing I let delete my mail account at the TU Darmstadt!


For those who do not know: It is an abbrevation for the expression "Snail-Mail". This name was given in the 70es and 80es of the 20. century to the old-fashinioned mail by those, which were able to communicate via electronic mail (now those peoples are often called "internet gurus"), because this mail used to be 2 to 3 days on their way, in respect to e-mail.

Axel Farr

Wolferborner Straße 43


63607 Wächtersbach

Germany (orTyskland, Allemagne etc. - depending on the country, in which you throw the letter in one of the coulored boxes - only in Germany it arrives without)